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Route description:
Every lover of the natural world and mountains will find this hiking trip more than enjoyable. The astonishingly beautiful countryside will go hand in hand with us. The legend of Zlatorog, the mysterious white goat with the golden horns, has its origins in this area.

Even the beginning of the trail with the hike up to Komna is very picturesque. It comprises as many as 52 bends, built for supply purposes during WW I. The 78-metre high Savica waterfall is an amazing treasure and is the source of the Sava Bohinjka river. Ancient fossils around the Triglav lakes are also natural wonders that demonstrate that this area was once a sea. The Valley of the Seven Lakes is beautiful. Črno jezero is a wonderful natural pearl, whose water has a mysterious black quality. Dvojno jezero comprises beautiful twin lakes which merge into one after significant rainfall.

There are spectacular views to be enjoyed from the summit of Bogatin, where, on clear days, it is even possible to see ships in Koper Bay. Having a chance to taste real alpine cheese and sour milk from a high alpine plateau is also worthy of mention. A notable reward on the hike up to Lanževica is the opportunity to see rare and protected alpine flowers, which are difficult to come across elsewhere, among which surely the best known is edelweiss.

You will have the chance to explore bunkers, see barbed wire and other remains from WW I to be found on the path from the mountain hostel at Komna to Krn lake. A collection of old photographs showing the building as it once was is on display on the site where a military hospital once stood.

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Essential Equipment
You will require suitable footwear and clothing for changeable weather conditions, as well as a basic understanding of how to get around on well-used mountain paths. If you want to know more click here.