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Route description:
You will feel an adrenaline rush as you climb Triglav, Slovenia’s highest mountain, accompanied by experienced guides, on pegs and with the aid of a steel cable. Once you have scaled the 2,864-metre peak, you will experience the traditional baptism and enjoy the wonderful view which, on a clear day, reaches as far as the sea in Trieste Bay.

We will visit the hostel at Kredarica, the highest alpine hut in Slovenia, from where the remains of the Triglav glacier are visible. It is also truly memorable to see rock-strewn areas that let your imagination run riot.

You are sure to find it hard to believe that, as your guide will explain, there were once seas in these mountains. However, when you see with your own eyes ancient fossils of sea snails around Ledvica lake all doubts will be cast aside. Archaeological artefacts have also been found providing evidence of human life in this area more than 3,000 years ago.

Very interesting is mysterious Črno jezero, the Black Lake, which is indeed very dark. Dvojno jezero, the Double Lake, is also something special. There is a permanent spring close to the lake, from which it is possible to quench your thirst with absolutely pure water. Alternatively, you may visit a place where the velvety edelweiss grows and photograph it as a keepsake. When the path leads us past high alpine cheese makers, we will have the chance to taste real alpine cheese and sour milk.

Triglav is in the Julian Alps and is the highest mountain in Slovenia at 2864 m. It stands majestically in the centre of the National Park named after it. The name Triglav has its root in pre-history and probably described a god. In modern Slovenian the word also means threeheads. This describes the mountain well because from afar it looks as though it has three peaks. The mountain is the Slovenian National Symbol and appears on the country’s flag.

The first recorded climb to the summit took place in August 26th. 1778. It is now said that you are not a complete Slovenian until you have climbed Triglav.

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Essential Equipment
You need suitable footwear and clothing for high mountains and equipment for self-protection (helmet, climbing belt and self-protection kit), which you cn borrow in the hut. If you want to know more click here.