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Route description:
This tour is just right for those who love extremes and diversity. In a single week, you can feel the freshness of mornings in the mountains and hot days on the coast. You will stay in simple mountain huts in common dormitories and in a boutique hotel. You will have the chance to sample original farm cuisine and delight your taste buds with fascinating culinary masterpieces.

The hut on Komna is an ideal starting point for day trips into the surrounding area. There are outstanding views across the surrounding peaks on all sides and this area is also rich in interesting alpine flowers. There is an especially interesting excursion to Batognica, as the frontline during WW I followed this path. Careful observers will notice barracks, bunkers, bunkers, forts, remnants of barbed wire and even parts of weapons and grenades. Following descent into the valley we will have a look around Kobarid museum, because of its rich collection and good presentation of the bloody times during WW I.

After this visit, we will say farewell to the mountains and head for the coast. The coast is renowned for picturesque medieval Piran, which flourished during the times of the Venetian republic, and for Portorož, which used to be a fancy Austro-Hungarian resort.

A visit to the Sečovlje saltpans, which were constructed in ancient time is a really special experience. This area, in which channels and pools intertwine, is a natural park and affords shelter to numerous bird and plant species. The best way to view the saltpans is in a canoe and there you can also try out the traditional salt gathering.

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Essential Equipment
Bring along good footwear and clothing, suitable for changeable weather conditions in the mountains, as well as light clothing and swimwear for the second part of the trip. If you want to know more click here.