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Slovenia is the world in miniature. We have the sea and rivers, mountains and plains, forests and fields, towns and villages, lively events and beautiful country. The connection of the nation to the countryside and our affection for the Alps is reflected in the fact that Triglav, our highest mountain, features on the coat-of-arms of our flag as well as on the back of our Euro coins.

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Facts about

Official name: The Republic of Slovenia
Political system: parliamentary democracy
Landmass: 20,273 sq km
Capital: Ljubljana (300,000 inhabitants)
Population: 2 million
Neighbouring states: Italy, Austria, Croatia, Hungary
Official Language: Slovene, with Italian and Hungarian in border areas
Religions: Roman Catholic (94%), Orthodox (3%), Muslim (3%), Protestant (1%)
Climate: sub-Mediterranean on the coast, continental inland, alpine in higher areas
Average temperatures: July 21˚C, January 0˚C
Highest point: Triglav (2,864 m)
Time zone: GMT +1, GMT +2 in summer
Currency: Euro (since January 1 2007)

Triglav National Park
With the setting up of Triglav National Park in 1924, Slovenia became the fifth nation in Europe to have such a natural reserve. Its 85,000 ha make it among the largest natural parks in Europe. You may catch sight of an array of plant and animal species, such as chamois, rock goats, capercaillies, and eagles. It is supposed there also lives Zlatorog. Read the legend here.